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Taser Bolt

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30 second civilian model

by TASER International


The TASER Bolt is specifically designed with personal safety in mind.  It is the most compact model available.  It uses the same technology as law enforcement models, yet designed to be more affordable and easier to carry. 


More specifically, it was designed with women in mind.  The compact size, tapered grip, ergonomic design, and the 30 second electrocution cycle are all specifically designed to increase the usability for women.  The 30 second electrocution cycle is the longest available.  Other TASER models cycle for 3,5, or 10 second intervals.  But, those are designed with law enforcement in mind, whose main focus is to subdue.  A civilians main focus is survival and/or escape.  The Bolt is built for that.  It's 30 second cycle focuses on allowing you to leave it behind entertaining the attacker while you get to safety.

If that sounds like wasted money, it isn't.  TASER International feels your life is worth more than the cost of a TASER, and offers their Safe Escape Guarantee.  The Safe Escape Guarantee will replace your TASER for free should you ever find yourself using it to protect yourself or loved one and have to leave it at the scene.  (See below for details).

The Bolt also offers a large buffer zone between you and an attacker.  It is able to reach and immobilize an attacker from as much as 15 feet away.  TASER has taken accuracy into account also with a laser sight that comes on automatically when the Bolt is armed.  They assure that the top electrode will land within one inch around the laser sight.  The bottom electrode will fire directly beneath is at an 8 degree trajectory, therefore the greater the distance of travel, the greater the distance between electrodes, and the greater the effectiveness.

The Bolt also addresses the concern of low visibility.  Just like the laser, activating the Bolt will turn on an LED flashlight automatically to help see an attacker lurking in the dark.

Certain cities and states do not allow electrical weapons, but places where their use is unrestricted also do not usually require a license to carry.  However, buyers are responsible for knowing the laws governing their areas.

TASER Bolt puts the police-tested, and trusted, TASER technology in the palm of your hands.

* Must be 18 or older to purchase.


  • Compact size

  • Knock down power

  • 30 second duration

  • 15 foot range

  • Laser sight

  • Flashlight

  • Leave behind with Safe Escape Guarantee

  • Long life Lithium battery pack

  • No license necessary


  • TASER Bolt

  • Lithuim battery pack

  • 1 live cartridge



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