Solar Trekker 50 (Black)

Solar Trekker 50 (Black)

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Solar Trekker 50


Excellent all-around portable power supply

for home, work, or play.



The Solar Trekker 50 is a 5000 mAh lithium ion battery with an integrated solar panel.  Typical usage is to recharge cell phones and tablets, but it can be used for anything that can be recharged or powered using a standard USB port; flashlights, digital cameras, ear pieces, LED lights, portable fans, etc.  It can even recharge or power two devices simultaneously, with enough power to completely recharge most phones twice, or two phones once.  Recharge level for iPads varies greatly depending on model.


It has one micro-mini USB input and two standard USB outputs.  It has three blue LED lights to indicate the charge level of the battery, and one red LED light to indicate delivery of solar energy.  It comes with a micro-mini USB cord and three interchangeable tips; mini-USB, micro-mini USB, and Apple 30 pin (iPhone 4 and prior).


The two USB outputs enable it to recharge and/or power two devices simultaneously.  The blue LEDs serve as discharge and recharge level indicators.  It will light one, two, or three accordingly.  The red LED will glow if the internal battery is being recharged by the solar panel. 


The Solar Trekker 50 can be recharged in roughly 24 hours of direct sunlight using  the integrated solar panel.  It can be recharged in just a few hours using the micro-mini input from electricity or from one of the larger portable solar panels.   (Recharge times vary depending on energy source and level of depletion.)




~     5000 mAh battery: enough capacity to recharge most cell phones twice, or two cell phones once.  iPads vary greatly.

~     Integrated solar panel: can be trickle charged using ambient light.

~     Micro-mini USB input: can be rapidly charged using electricity or one of our larger portable solar panel.

~     Two USB outputs: can recharge two devices simultaneously.





ü   Solar Trekker 50

ü   Micro-mini USB lead

ü   Apple 30 pin connector

ü   Micro-mini USB connector

ü   Mini USB connector






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