Solar Trekker 220

Solar Trekker 220

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Solar Trekker 220


20 watts of portable power

when away from electricity



The Solar Trekker 220 is a portable solar panel capable of producing 20 watts using an a variety of included connections.  Typically the ST-220 is used to charge our portable power supplies, but it can be used to charge most devices that use d/c output; laptops, vehicle batteries, spot lights, etc.  It can also be used to charge or power most devices that can be used with USB; laptops, vehicle batteries, flashlights, digital cameras, ear pieces, LED lights, portable fans, etc. (performance and charge times depend on quality of light).


The Solar Trekker 220 consists of 4 solar panels connected together in a durable nylon folding carry case with pockets for the accessories.  It is light weight and portable.  It is roughly the size of a breifcase when folded.  Unfolded, it spreads out to 25" by 18".  


The Solar Trekker 220 It is water, dust, and temperature resistant, so it can be put out in the sunlight on the ground, on the dash, on the sun deck, or just about anywhere.  It can even be in use while getting wet from light rain or splashing.  In full sunlight it produces about 20 watts; enough power to run small, d/c appliances, and charge most portable devices including tablets, laptops, and vehicles batteries.




~     20 watts capability: ability to charge in the same amount of time as most wall chargers.

~     USB output connector: recharge or power almost anything that can use a standard USB connection.

~     Cigarette lighter connector: charge most devices or power small d/c appliances.

~     Laptop connections: selection of 10 different d/c tips connections to accomodate a wide variety of laptops of other d/c devices.

~     Battery terminal connections: clamp directly to vehicle battery for emergency charge.

~     Highly transportable: compact and light weight to take just about anywhere.

~     Weather resistantwater, dust, and temperature resistant.




ü   Solar Trekker 220 in nylon folding carry case.

ü   USB connector

ü   Cigarette lighter connector

ü   Laptop connectors

ü   Battery terminal connectors


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