Small Fry 8,800,000 (Black)

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Small Fry


by Streetwise

The 8.8 million is the newest version of the Small Fry line of stun guns.  The Small Fry stun guns are some of the best selling stun gun, but there was room for improvement.  The flashlight could have been brighter.  Well, now it is.  The 8.8 million now comes with a much brighter flashlight than a Small Fry has ever included.


The new Small Fry 8.8 million also comes with one other significant improvement over previous models.  The disable pin has been upgraded to the solid metal pin of the higher caliber models.  The disable pin on previous models had a plastic head that could get broken making the disable pin difficult to remove.  That will not happen with the solid metal pin.



~     Powerful Stun Gun: Most attacks can be thwarted at the mere sound of a stun gun being test fired at them.  If the test fire's loud, intimidating, electrical crackle doesn't send them away, the jolt will make them regret it.

~     Built-In Charger: Recharging is easy and convenient with the slide-out plug on the bottom.  It has no cords to lose or tangle with; simply slide the plug out and insert it into the wall.  Complete charging instructions are included.

~     Bright LED Flashlight: The bright flashlight eliminates the need to carry a separate flashlight.  The bright light on these units provide plenty of light even for the darkest of places.

~     Disable Pin: No need to worry about an attacker taking the stun gun and using it on the owner.  These have a solid metal disable pin attached to a wrist strap, so that the pin will be removed and disable the unit if it gets taken away while wearing the wrist strap.

~     Rubberized Armor Coating: Helps protect the unit and provides extra traction to prevent losing your grip.

~     Safety Switch:  like most Streetwise stun guns, the 8.8 million has to safety features to prevent accidental discharge.  They have a safety switch that must be turned on, and they have a button that much be pushed to activate the stun gun.

~     Lifetime Warranty: The Small Fry Stun Gun is made of the highest quality components and comes with a lifetime warranty. 





ü   Small Fry 8.8 million stun gun - Black

ü   Nylon mesh holster

ü   Wrist Strap with solid metal disable pin

ü   Instructions




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