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ProShield II

by Guard Dog


The new and improved Guard Dog bulletproof backpack; the ProShield 2.  Just like the original ProShield, the ProShield 2 is an everyday use backpack fitting youth to adults.  The ProShield has enhanced padding on the back plate and on the shoulder straps for additional comfort at the pressure points. 


With the ProShield 2 safety does not come at the expense of versatility.  Not only is it almost impossible to detect the slight increase in weight over non-bullet proof backpacks, but the ProShield 2 is designed with many, many storage pockets and compartments both inside and out.  In all, it has 20 organization panels including a laptop/tablet compartment, two drink holders, a cell phone pocket on the shoulder strap, a media pocket inside, and a lead to an external headphone jack on the should strap.   It also includes a sunglasses hook on the shoulder strap and a key hook on the inside.  Measuring 19" in height, the Proshield 2 should even accommodate larger laptops with 17" screens, and it has external cinch straps to keep the load close to the wearer.


This listing is for the solid black colored ProShield 2 backpack. 


The bulletproof protection is provided by incorporating kevlar into the construction of the backpack's rear panel*.  This makes the backpack lighter, more pliable, and more comfortable to wear, while meeting the requirements for NIJ Type IIIA bulletproof specifications.  With each backpack the manufacturer includes a copy of the Ballistic Resistance Test report performed by independent lab, NVLAP.


Here are the specifications as stated in the United States Dept. of Justice document, NIJ Standard-0101.04;

2.4   Type IIIA (High Velocity 9 mm; 44 Magnum)

This armor protects against 9 mm Full Metal Jacketed Round Nose (FMJ RN) bullets, with nominal masses of 8.0 g (124 gr) impacting at a minimum velocity of 427 m/s (1400 ft/s) or less, and 44 Magnum Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) bullets, with nominal masses of 15.6 g (240 gr) impacting at a minimum velocity of 427 m/s (1400 ft/s) or less. It also provides protection against most handgun threats, as well as the threats mentioned in sections 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.



  • Dimensions will be provided upon availability


Other potential uses**:

·       May provide protection from slashing and stabbing with knives.  Note: has not been tested for this type of protection.

·       Might be found useful as road-rage protection for riders; bicyclist, motorcyclists, etc.



*   The kelvar panel is not a plate.  The kevlar is incorporated into the backpack's rear panel; the part of the backpack that rests against the wearer.

** The ideas listed above are merely ideas.  They cannot be presumed or taken as fact, as they are stated neither by the manufacturer nor in the NIJ specifications.








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