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Since March 2015, Guard Dog has been promising this was coming to market.  It is still not available.  Feel free to watch our  FaceBook  for availability announcements.


by Guard Dog

Like a true Olympian, the Guard Dog Olympian possess all the necessary attributes to be the best in its field. It combines three vital self defense tools built into a compact, practical, security device; stun gun, pepper spray, and tactical flashlight.

The high powered stun gun offers both deterrent and self defense. Test firing the stun gun into the air produces an intimidating spark and powerful crackle. Directing this display of power toward an attacker is most often enough to melt their nerve. If not, then direct contact with an attacker will surely get the point across. Like most of Guard Dog's flashlights, the Olympian hides the electrodes using their exclusive Concealed Stun Technology, so it has no visible prongs.

Self protection doesn't end there, however. The Olympian also grants you the option of using pepper spray. With 18% O.C. it's some of the hottest available, and has the potential to incapacitate an attacker up to 30 minutes or more. And, with 15 feet of range, the pepper spray is a nice choice for defending yourself from a distance. Guard Dog pepper spray includes Ultra Violet dye making it easier for law enforcement to identify your attacker. The spray also comes with Guard Dog's Protected 4 Life program where they provide a free replacement pepper spray if used in self defense, for life.

Whether out for a jog, walking the dog, finding your car, or blinding an attacker, you will find the Olympian's flashlight very handy. At 150 lumens it is powerful enough for just about any of your daily activities.

The triple threat, Guard Dog Olympian presents one of the industry's finest personal defense products, all in a single unit. For the first time ever, you now have the power to effectively protect yourself with multiple defense mechanisms, all inside a lightweight, handheld portable companion.


~ High voltage stun gun: An electrifying stun gun powered with high voltage thrust to simply scare an attacker with its sound alone

~ 18% OC pepper spray: Red hot 18% Guard Dog Security pepper spray with UV identifying dye

~ 150 lumen tactical flashlight: A high powered tactical flashlight in a compact size

~ Exclusive concealed inner stun technology - No visible probes: Guard Dog's exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology hides any visible prongs

~ Rechargeable battery: Simply plug in the charging cord when the stun and flashlight are running low and never buy batteries again

~ Dual safety switch: One safety switch for the stun gun and one for the pepper spray to prevent accidental discharge, yet built for quick-response

~ One hand operation: Single hand operation of all three functions

~ Wrist strap for added convenience and portability

~ Premium holster

~ Up to 100,000 hour bulb life

~ U.S. patent pending

Lifetime Warranty: Rest assured. The Olympian comes with a lifetime warranty that protects your safety device for the life of the product.

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