Hike n Strike

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Hike 'n Strike

950,000 volt

Extreme walking stick

by Zap



The one of a kind Hike 'n Strike by Zap is a light weight aluminum hiking stick with an integrated 950,000 volt stun gun in the head.  It's great for both security and stability while hiking, camping, walking the dog, or even just taking a stroll.


The body of the Hike 'n Strike contains 3 telescopic segments that collapse as short as 29" and extend as long as 56".  The twist-to-lock friction locking joints allow full adjustability to any length between 29 and 56 inches.  The telescoping segments have both English and Metric measurement markings, so you can easily return to your favorite height.  Above the Hike 'n Strike's foot is a removable end cap that helps prevent sinking in loose or sandy soils. 


The Hike 'n Strike is part of Zap's extreme series, therefore the electrodes are made of sharpened, solid metal spikes.  The sharpened spikes aid in penetration through thicker materials and serve as weapons in their own right.  The electrodes are located in the head of the Hike 'n Strike, beneath a removable rubber cap to prevent accidental stabbing and/or shocking.  The protective cap has a hole in the middle for the flashlight, which is also located in the head.  The grip atop the Hike 'n Strike houses the power button for the flashlight as well as the Hike 'n Strike's battery compartment, which holds its' three CR123A long life, lithium batteries (included).


The stun gun controls are located in the lower grip.  That places the hand 21" from the stun gun, meaning 21" from the threat, accrediting the Hike 'n Strike with one of the longest reaches currently available in the stun gun market.  The controls consist of a power button on top, an LED power on indicator next to the power button, and an activation button on bottom.  Pressing the activation button releases the electricity into the electrodes.  If the protective rubber cap has been removed from covering the electrodes sparks will arc between the electrodes.  This is called a test fire.  The test fire on the Hike 'n Strike is among the loudest and most intimidating of all stun guns we've tested.


The Hike 'n Strike also comes with a yellow reflective band that secures around the shaft with hook and loop on the underside (not shown in pictures).




  • Secure, rubber coated, non-slip grip

  • 2 Telescoping segments with friction lock

  • English and Metric height markings

  • Extended reach stun gun: 21" from controls to electrodes

  • Light weight: 18 oz. with batteries

  • 3 CR123A long life, lithium batteries (included)

  • Wrist strap

  • Removable reflective band

  • Sink prevention cap



  • Hike 'n Strike walking stick stun gun

  • 3 CR123A lithium batteries

  • Removable reflective band

  • Wrist strap

  • Sink prevention cap

  • Extra protective rubber cap

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