Blast Knuckles Extreme - 950k

Blast Knuckles Extreme - 950k

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Black Knuckles Extreme

Striking stun gun with defense spikes

by Zap



The Zap Blast Knuckles "EXTREME" is a breaking away from the mold of the average stun gun.  The Blast Knuckles Extreme was designed for multiple degrees of self defense against a more aggressive attacker, yet easy to carry during outdoor activities.  It can intimidate using it's loud zapping test fire.   The durable polymer housing is designed in a brass Knuckles style to be used as a striking weapon.  Now, they've added the defense spikes for even greater effectiveness in fending off an attacker.


The brass Knuckles design and rubberized grip make it easy to carry while running, jogging, walking, hiking, etc to keep you safe from surprises.  This is a high voltage stun gun, with four spike electrodes built in to a durable plastic housing with a rubber coated molded finger grip.  Just presenting the intimating look will stop an attacker in their tracks and make them think twice before they consider an attack. 


The 950,000 volt zap blast Knuckless is a powerful self defense stun gun for non lethal personal protection.  But is also a striking weapon with ultra sharp heavy duty steal stun spike electrodes to penetrate clothing or to jab & scratch your attacker, and collecting DNA to help identify your assailant is needed. 


This easy to use self defense Knuckless stun gun design was inspired by the popular ZAP Blast Knuckles Stun Gun model ZAPBK950.  The enhanced Knuckles Blaster Extreme version is a dual function stun gun and defensive striking weapon with sharp, steal spikes and an aggressive design.   In addition to adding effectiveness when striking, the spikes also help penetrate thick clothing to aid in electrical delivery.


The original zap blast Knuckless was designed for the active person that wanted compact and lightweight protection when on the move.   The zap extreme stun gun brass Knuckles design is the ultimate hand held stun device for active people.  You can feel confident that you are safe when you take your personal security in your own hands.  The new extreme zap blast Knuckless with the rubber coated grip fits like a glove with the deep molded finger indentation.  Do not let the compact size fool you.  This is a powerful high voltage non-lethal stun weapon with a innovated design with one purpose - To defend yourself and keep you safe.



  • 4 Ultra-sharp Spike Electrodes offer extra protection and DNA collection for the authorities


  • Rubber coated soft contour grip for control

  • 950,000 volt stun gun

  • Conveniently located power switch with red LED power on indicator.

  • Heavy duty nylon holster with steel belt clip and velcro closure.



  • Black Knuckles Extreme stun gun

  • 2 Lithium CR123 batteries

  • 1 heavy duty nylon holster with steel belt clip and velcro closer

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